Marcellin Program

The Marcellin Program provides a college-prep curriculum to students who have learning challenges. Admission to the program is based on the entrance exam and junior high performance. Inspired by the founder of the Marist Brothers—St. Marcellin Champagnat—who struggled academically himself, the program provides for the diversity in learning styles and the necessary strategies to help each student reach his or her full potential.

Once a student has correctly tapped into their individual learning style, a variety of issues fall into place: self esteem is enhanced, reading scores improve, study skills are honed and sharpened, and a sense of advocacy for one’s education is fostered. 

The Marcellin Program allows for:DSC_4328

  • tailored instruction
  • smaller class sizes
  • an appropriate path for in-depth review
  • specialized teachers
  • individual/small group instruction

Beyond the support of their teachers, students in the Marcellin program have the support of peer leaders-senior students who serve as aides in the classroom, providing academic support and encouragement.

The program includes a required summer component leading into freshman year to help students transition to high school. And while the program is designed as a four year curriculum, students can enroll in courses outside the program as success is gained.

The Marcellin Program Director works with all student and teachers within the program in conjunction with support from the counseling department.

Mrs. Erin Kelly
Marcellin Program Director