The Coed Advantage


Preparing students academically, socially, and emotionally for higher education and life demands an environment that is reflective of the real world. The real world is coed, and Marist graduates are prepared to interact and work with members of the opposite sex both in the college classroom and in the workplace. This coed dynamic empowers students to grow as both individuals and members of the community.

The Marist experience boasts:

Being a skilled and confident individual gains real value when students can apply themselves as part of a partnership or group. The ability to collaborate reflects awareness, motivation, mediation, respect, and engagement. Working in a coed setting in this capacity fortifies these skills that can be used for a lifetime of personal and professional accomplishment. 

There is a unique energy to the coed community at Marist. It is a reflection of the real family atmosphere that the boys and girls create. During their time at Marist, boys and girls learn together, pray together, celebrate together, compete together, serve together. The opportunity to experience all of this in a coed setting strengthens students socially and emotionally and helps them become responsible, compassionate young people who are connected to the school and one another for life.

Marist students are nurtured from their first day at school to grow into academically sound, faithful, confident, young citizens who are prepared for higher education and life. A major part of this growth process is due to the opportunity to discover one’s values, skills, and strengths in a coed setting, where girls and boys learn from one another.