Fridays at Marist Shadow Program


At Marist High School, we believe experiencing our students, teachers, and campus is the best way to get to know us. On a shadow day, students will tour the school, attend classes with a freshman or sophomore, and enjoy lunch. It's an interactive day that truly gives prospective students insight into life at Marist. 

  • During the fall, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are invited to experience Marist through the Fridays at Marist shadow program. 

‚ÄčDates: Friday's September 16th - December 2nd. Please note, Marist is out of session on Friday, October 7th. We will be offering a Monday at Marist on October 10th.

Registration: Pre-registration is required and weekly capacity is limited to allow us to safely welcome visiting students.  Parents please register online.  

Permission Form: In addition to registering online, each visiting student is required to bring this permission form signed by a parent. Visiting students should be aware of their grammar school’s policy on shadow days.

Arrival Time: Students should arrive at 8 AM and enter at the Main Office entrance at the west end of the building. Students will be there to greet you. Parents should note that the school day begins at 8 AM. If your child is receiving a ride from a current Marist student or parent, it is okay to arrive a few minutes early. It is recommended that students arrive at 8 AM so campus traffic will be manageable.

Dismissal Time: The Fridays at Marist program will end at 2:15 PM. Marist regular dismissal time is 2:40 PM. If your child is receiving a ride home form a current Marist student or parent, it is okay to stay until dismissal.

Attire: Students should dress casually and neat. Friday's are a dress down spirit day for Marist students. Visiting students are welcome to wear Marist apparel. 

Lunch: Visiting students will be our guest for lunch. If there are any special dietary needs, please email us in advance. 

Questions? Email Mrs. Patti Skalitzky or call 773-881-5363.


All 5th-8th graders are welcome to join the Fridays at Marist Live! Theatre Program. Click here for more information.