Club Offerings

1 Book 1 Marist

Moderator: Ms. Kristy Rademacher 
The 1 Book 1 Marist club tackles a new, exciting book each month to discuss, read, argue about, squee over, and debate.  The club goes on field trips to hear authors speak and also participates in reading conventions!

Academic Team 

Moderators: Mr. Jeff Nicholson ’81  and Mr. Sean Maxwell 
The Academic Team is made up of a varsity and frosh/soph level. The teams compete regularly in the south Metropolitan Scholastic Bowl League and various tournaments throughout the year. Scholastic Bowl involves team competitions which cover a wide variety of academic subjects. Competitions are comparable to Jeopardy! in that team members must be quick as well as knowledgeable.

Anime Club 

Moderator: Ms. Jacqueline Maggio
Anime Club discusses new and historical developments in the field of Japanese animation media. Club activities include art lessons, drawing contests, and the explanation of plots and character exploits. Anime videos are voted on each week to be shown the following week. Anime club members learn about the characters and stories, the people who produce them and the Japanese culture and historical aspects that are embedded within the stories.

Art Club 

Moderator: Ms. Rita Hoffmann 
The Art Club is both a service and social organization for those who are seeking a creative artistic outlet. The mission of the Marist Art Club is twofold. First, an emphasis is placed on painting posters and banners to foster school spirit and support Marist teams and events. Second, the art club plans activities and projects throughout the year that allow members to use their artistic abilities. Students are not required to be enrolled in an art class to be a member.

Art National Honor Society 

Moderator: Mr. Brian Keane '91
Art NHS is open to juniors and seniors on the basis of their achievement in the study of art. The group plans numerous events for its members to improve their art skills, to enrich their own cultural experiences, and to promote art within the school community. Its purpose is to inspire and recognize those students who have shown an outstanding ability in art.


Moderator: Mr. Andrew Creagh ’04 
Students are required to enroll in the band as an honors course. The course is open to all year level students who have a working knowledge of an instrument. Band can be taken as an elective during all four years of high school. Students must participate in a week long summer camp as well as in the various activities listed below. Marist’s renowned band competes, holds concerts, participates in parades, adds pep to home games and travels each year to perform.

Bass Fishing 

Moderator: Mr. Vince Tuminello 
Bass fishing is an IHSA sponsored activity. It introduces students to tournament bass fishing. The club meets for some classroom instruction and guest speakers as well as some of the water outings in preparation for various high school bass fishing tournaments, including preparation for the IHSA sectional tournament with a chance to fish for a state title.

Boxing Club 

The Boxing Club is made up of freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior boys and girls who train during the spring and compete at Marist Fight Night. All boxers undergo extensive physical training as well as learning the proper techniques of boxing. All boxers are required to register with the U.S. Amateur Boxing Association.

Broadcast Club

Moderator: Ms. Susan Carlson

The Marist broadcast club is open to all students as a creative outlet to learn the basics of filming and being on camera. Along with weekly meetings discussing and practicing camerawork, club members have the opportunity to film other activities and athletic events happening around Marist.

Chess Club 

The Chess Club provides friendly competition for those students wishing to improve their chess skills. Members of the Chess Club are selected to be competitors on the Chess Team which plays an interscholastic schedule in the Chicago Chess Conference.


Chorus is an academic course. Students sing at a variety of Marist functions, including masses and prayer services. The choir also hosts a series of concerts highlighting their vocal and musical talents.

Cooking Club 

Moderator: Ms. Jen Silva and Ms. Julie Mazur

Cooking club is open to all students and for those seeking knowledge of various cooking techniques. The group decides on different recipes to make and focuses on various regions of cuisine, healthy eating, and how to plan a meal. Students will make a variety of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. Its purpose is to inspire and motivate students to gain a passion for the art of cooking. 

Debate Team 

Moderator: Mr. Dane Meyer
The debate team provides students an opportunity to engage in different styles of debates. Each student researches and prepares for different topics and individually debates these topics with opponents from other schools in the Chicago Catholic Forensic League.


Moderator: Ms. Tammy Ames
The Marist Fencing Club is open to current Marist students who wish to learn and study the medieval art of the two-handed long sword. Classes will be taught from manuscripts of the Italian school of Fiore di Librei circa 1409.At fencing we go over drills and exercises designed to improve physical and mental skill, strategy and reflexes at every meeting, followed by bouts of fencing among the members.  We focus on having fun while improving our minds and bodies.

Creative Writing Club

Moderators: Ms. Tracy Amato
Members of the Fine Arts and Literary Club meet weekly to enjoy a community of individuals who appreciate the fine arts and literature. At club meetings, members creatively inspire each other through discussions, workshops, and the sharing of their work. In the spring, the club publishes a collection of artwork—photography, drawings, paintings, essays, short stories and poetry—submitted by Marist students. Additionally, the club hosts book discussions and film screenings throughout the year.

French National Honor Society 

Moderator: Mr. Sean Curtin
The French National Honor Society fosters interest in French language and civilization. It is open to juniors and seniors on the basis of their achievement in the study of French. The French National Honor Society plans numerous events for its members to practice their language skills, to enrich their own cultural experiences, and to promote the language within the school community.

Improv and Comedy Club

Moderators: Mr. Patrick Meyer 

The Improv and comedy club is for any students interested in improv, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, etc. Members work together to play games, perform scenes, and create original comedy. The club meets twice a month to practice skills and performs for the Marist community several times a year. 

Investment Club

Moderator: Mr. Jim Henneberry

The Investment Club gives students hands-on experience in the financial world. Students learn the basics of investing, watch trends in the market, and research stocks. An impressive line up of alumni guest speakers attend meetings to help students understand the industry. Due to a generous donation directed to this endeavor, the group has $25,000 of real money to invest. Gains will be invested back into the program. 

Italian National Honor Society

Moderator: Ms. Alessia Zulato

The purpose of this program is to give recognition to achievements in Italian as well as to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Italian culture and civilization.

Liturgy Committee

Moderator: Ms. Kim Madonia
The Liturgy Committee is a club open to all students who wish to help plan our school masses.  The club is in charge of planning every mass hosted at Marist from start to finish.

Marist Youth 

Moderator:  Mr. Michael Brennan '99 and Ms. Erin Stapleton, '18
Marist Youth seeks to serve those in need in both the local and world communities. The club runs charitable events, organizes service projects with Campus Ministry, and collects donations for missions during homeroom. Once applications are received, students will be selected as members to lead the school community in its outreach to those in need. All students are welcoming to participate in these organized events.

Math Team 

Moderator: Mr. Owen Glennon  and Mr. Jeff Nicholson ’81 

The Math Team consists of the top math students from 9th through 12th grades. The students perform in different math competitions throughout the year, leading up to qualifying for the state mathematics competition. In 2014, the Marist Math Team finished third in the state! Marist has been the top finishing Catholic high school in Illinois for the past several years.

Mock Trial

Moderator: Mr. Jason Berta

Mock Trial meets weekly under the guidance of Marist alums in the field of law including: Judge Chris Lawler ‘81, attorney Jim Lundy ‘88, and attorney Pat Enright ‘94. Students learn the process of an actual trial with a case study and assume roles of the plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses.

Model U.N. 

Students will learn the inner-workings of the United Nations by participating in this club. During the first semester, students meet and discuss important world events. During the second semester, students prepare to participate in the Model UN Conferences in New York. Marist is assigned a country to represent, with students being assigned to specific committees. Besides discussing world events, the club will watch movies, attend lectures at local colleges and visit cultural centers.

National Honor Society 

Moderator: Ms. Meg Scanlon and Ms. Kathleen McArdle
The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization open to juniors and seniors. Students are elected on the basis of their achievement in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character and service. The NHS sponsors a number of projects each year for the benefit of the school community.

Polish Club

Moderator: Ms. Julie Mauzar

Polish Club seeks to explore Polish culture and build relationships among students who have any connection to or interest in Poland.

Powerlifting Club (Iron Hawks)

Moderator: Mr. Ryan Doidge '09
Marist Iron Hawks are focused on developing strength via training specific to the sport of powerlifting. The three events used to judge an individual's strength are squat, bench press, and deadlift. The team is supportive of lifters at all levels of ability and participation, both male and female. The Iron Hawks are a service based club that uses lifting to bring people together and to help the community around us.‚Äč 


Moderator: Mr. Chris Lesher

The Pro-Life Club is a student organization focused on increasing awareness of life issues. The club meets monthly to discuss pro-life issues and plan activities. Club members participate in service opportunities related to pro-life issues such as prayer field trips to pregnancy outreach centers and abortion clinics. The club also hosts educational speakers on Catholic perspectives of life issues and travels annually to Washington, DC for the National Right to Life March.

RedHawk Rowdies 

Moderator: Ms. Hannah Doyle
The RedHawk Rowdies are a group of students from all year levels who seek to instill and promote greater involvement in school spirit, athletic events and the traditions of Marist. While the entire student body is invited to become a RedHawk Rowdy, this group takes a leading role by cheering our teams and clubs on to victory.


Moderator: Mr. Jim Drousias '98
The rugby club is a student activity/sport that takes place primarily in the spring semester.  The club is currently for boys only and all students of any athletic ability are welcome.  Students wanting to compete will have weekly practices where you will learn the skills and rules of the game and will also compete in multiple matches.  There is a JV and Varsity team. 

Science Club 

Moderator: Ms. Stephanie Caldrone and Mr. Tom Murphy '04
The Science Club provides its members with opportunities to increase their interest in the sciences by participating in after school labs each month, attending local science fairs, planning field trips, and participating in contests.


Moderator: Mr. John Gonczy 
As the school newspaper, the Sentinel seeks to present the student body with current and thoughtful articles regarding school, local, and world events. The Sentinel is a student run newspaper which combines the talents of its members to produce a monthly edition. The Sentinel’s editors are enrolled in Journalism II and many of its writers and photographers are enrolled in Journalism I. Underclassmen that are interested in the academic field of journalism and wish to enroll in the class as a junior or senior are encouraged to participate in the club. The club meets several times a week after school.

Spanish National Honor Society 

Moderator: Ms. Alicia Demos
The Spanish National Honor Society is a nationwide organization open to juniors and seniors who are selected on a basis of their achievements in the study of Spanish. The purpose of the society is to recognize high achievement of high school students in the Spanish language and to promote a continuing interest in Hispanic studies. The Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica plans numerous events and service opportunities for its members to practice their language skills, to enrich their own cultural experiences, and to promote the language within the school community. The Spanish National Honor Society also sponsors a Spanish Club which is open to all year levels. The Spanish Club provides all students an opportunity to further expand on their Spanish knowledge and promote the language and culture within the school community.

Spanish Club

Moderator: Ms. Clare Jorgensen '13
The Spanish Club invites the entire student body to learn more about Spanish Culture. It provides Marist students the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities based on Spanish history, food, language, and way of life.

Speech Team 

Moderator: Ms. Sam Cullen

The Speech Team competes at the local and state level (IHSA) in 14 different categories of speech and acting. The team competes regularly from November until February. The season culminates with the state series in February (regionals, sectionals, and state). Practices begin in September, and speakers and actors of all ability levels are welcome. 

Student Ambassadors 

Moderator: Mrs. Alex Brown and Ms. Kelsey Callahan
The Student Ambassadors are a group of young men and women who represent the school community at formal, social, athletic, and admission functions. Ambassadors are trained to give tours at Open House and visit elementary schools to discuss the benefits of attending Marist. Student Ambassadors also sponsor community service projects, lead freshman orientation, and play a vital role in the Fridays at Marist program.

Student Council 

Moderator: Ms. Hannah Doyle
Student Council consists of students from all four grade levels elected by their peers. The group works to promote a better understanding and cooperation amongst student, faculty and administration; provide peer leadership for the student body; maintain and encourage student involvement, school pride and school-sponsored activities.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Moderator: Ms. Cathaleen Novak
SADD focuses on the following issues: substance abuse, depression, suicide, teen violence, bullying, traffic safety, personal health and safety, and youth leadership development.  Members of SADD will have an opportunity to engage in various activities related to education, awareness, prevention, and advocacy.  Students will also have access to a national network of SADD chapters and the opportunity to participate at the National Conference on Youth Health and Safety.

Theatre Guild 

Moderators: Mrs. Erin Kelly, and Mrs. Erin Vail 
The Theatre Guild produces a full-length play in the fall and a musical in the spring. Auditions for both shows are open to all year levels. Students also participate behind the scenes in set construction, costuming, make-up and publicity. Students may take Drama classes at the beginning and honors levels as an academic course.

Ultimate Frisbee 

Moderator: Mr. Chris Lesher
The Ultimate Frisbee Club is a student activity/sport that takes place primarily during the spring semester. The team is co-ed, and students of any athletic ability are welcome. Ultimate Frisbee is played as a 7 on 7 game. Those interested in a competitive environment will have the chance to represent Marist in the Chicago Ultimate Junior Organization (CUJO). The team competes on Sundays and will consist of 15 players (7 starters and 8 alternates).


Moderator: Ms. Rita Hoffman
At Marist High School the Yearbook Club is open to all interested students. The club introduces students to all of the tasks involved in creating and producing a high school yearbook. These tasks include the art of photography and photojournalism, written communication, editing, artistic montage and collage, graphic design, book design, project development and management, sales, advertising, marketing, and publishing principles. Students work directly on the Marist High School yearbook.