What makes something good?  Worthwhile?  Inevitably it's the people.  And that's certainly the case at Marist High School, where the people – Brothers, students, teachers, parents, staff, alumni, grandparents, friends – make us who and what we are.  Without each of you we are merely a building.  With your dedication, belief, and support we are a dynamic, thriving Catholic educational community that is writing the next chapter of its story.

Each year, both the opportunities and challenges grow for Catholic education.  New courses, equipment, and co-curricular programs are available, but higher costs and maintenance needs on our exceptional campus arise, too.  It is in sincere thanks to the members of the Marist community that each year we are able to meet the needs of our school.  The challenge of keeping tuition in reach for local families continues to challenge Catholic institutions, but we remain steadfast in our belief that through solid fiscal management, long-term financial planning, and the generosity of the Marist family, we will continue to offer the premier secondary Catholic education to deserving students for decades to come.  

We give thanks for every member of the Marist family – whether you donated to the school, attended an event, or prayed for our students.  You are truly good people...and that's what Marist makes.  

With humble thanks,
The Marist Advancement Team

Larry Tucker '79, President
Tom Hurley '85, Vice President of Mission and Advancement
Tom Inzinga '84, Director of Advancement
Pat Dunne '98, Major Gift Officer
Marty Wirtz '72, Major Gift Officer
Ryan Tucker '14, Volume Fundraiser
Jen Luzzo, Alumni Relations & Database Manager


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