Accommodations Program


Marist is able to support students who need limited accommodations to be academically successful in high school. Students with diagnosed learning differences have prospered in all placement tracks offered at Marist. A student may be eligible to receive classroom accommodations by providing the school with a current psycho-educational evaluation, not older than three years, that contains a clear diagnosis and a list of relevant recommendations. 

If a student with a current psycho-educational evaluation is eligible for accommodations at Marist, an individualized accommodation plan will be developed. These accommodations are designed to support the student's learning needs within the traditional classroom setting. The director of the accommodation program will meet with the student to discuss the accommodation plan and how best to advocate for his or her needs within the classroom setting.

All documentation must be submitted to the accommodation program director for consideration. 

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Mrs. Erin Kelly                                                Mrs. Margie Sweeney
Program Co-Director                                      Program Co-Director
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