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This school year marks the 55th anniversary of the opening of Marist High School on September 9, 1963.  The continued success and future of Marist will be due to many factors, but perhaps none more important than our willingness to let those who follow us stand on our shoulders – giving them the courage, energy and vision they need to create the future. 

As we celebrate our 55th anniversary, our challenge is to make this a year of gratitude, reflection and planning.  We need to consider what our current students will be saying about our journey when they celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2063.  Will they see us as people who lived out the legacy of Marist’s first founders?  Will they feel that they are standing on our shoulders as we are now standing on the shoulders of those Marist Brothers and lay people who came before us?

We are confident that our students will feel our support – carrying them forward and helping them see that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  All of us must see ourselves as inheritors of the legacy of the founding community of Marist Brothers and lay people who began this very special school 55 years ago. We stand on their shoulders, and we must offer our shoulders to those who will come after us.

In light of our 55th anniversary, we ask that you consider a gift to Marist High School. Your contribution is the answer to many of our financial needs at Marist – the opportunity to modernize our campus, to ensure qualified and passionate teachers are educating our students, and to provide those who cannot afford a Marist education the opportunity to join the Marist family, now and forever.

Thank you for your consideration. Please pray for our students, and know that we will be praying for you. 

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Brother Hank Hammer, FMS      Steven Messina
President   Executive Director, Advancement
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