Support Marist

As I walk the halls of Marist High School, watching our students grow in faith, knowledge, and reason, I am struck by the appropriateness of our theme for the year – Marist makes….  This phrase, which celebrates our accomplishments, family spirit, and future readiness, applies to all of us as we consider the many ways Marist has influenced our lives.  While it is not possible to list all of our activities and achievements in one letter, I would like to share a few recent points of pride with you because it is through your generosity that we keep making, doing and inspiring. 

Because of generous gifts from people like you:

Marist makes Jesus Christ known and loved – Marist students live our mission through our retreat programs, mission trips, service projects, and Marist Youth initiatives.  At Marist, we act as stewards of St. Marcellin Champagnat’s mission and work to carry his legacy to a new generation of students. 

Marist makes academic achievement a priority – Two of our seniors achieved perfect scores of 36 on the ACT.  More than 55 percent of students achieved Dean’s List, First Honors, or Second Honors during the 2018-2019 school year. 

Marist makes championship seasons a reality – Our girls’ volleyball team won back-to-back state titles, and then the boys’ volleyball team followed up with their own state championship making Marist the only school in Illinois to win both the girls’ and boys’ state championships in the same year with the same coach.

With faith as we continue making, I ask that you please consider a gift to Marist High School. It is through your generous partnership that we continue to think beyond the boundaries of traditional education, create a culture of progress, and foster new ideas. 

Like St. Marcellin, we know that our faith in God is the foundation on which the future of Marist will be built.  Marist makes us have faith in God and faith in you.  Your gift, in any amount, impacts every student and ensures Marist remains a very special place of learning and faith formation. 

Thank you for your consideration. Please pray for our students and know that we will be praying for you. 

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Brother Hank Hammer, FMS       


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