Math Team finishes seventh in state

mathMarist's math team competed in the ICTM Math Regional/State Competition from March 16 to March 18. The entire Marist Math Team was recognized as finishing seventh overall in state, continuing an incredible run of yearly top 10 finishes in the state of Illinois.

At the regional level, the team captured first place finishes in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Freshman/Sophomore 8-Person, Junior-Senior 8-Person, and Calculator. This was a sweep of all of the levels of competition. Individual achievements were earned by: freshmen Michael Alfano (1st) and Andy Viz (2nd), sophomores Moira McKee (1st), Sean Grobarcik (1st), Quinn Richards (3rd), and Walter Fleming (4th), juniors Brae Sanchez (1st) and Brian Winstead (4th), and seniors Caitlin McGrath (1st), Tommy Kavanaugh (1st), and Jack Vulich (3rd).

At the state level, the Geometry team of McKee, Grobarcik, Richards, and Fleming finished in sixth. The freshman-sophomore eight-person also earned a 10th place finish at the state level.  

Earlier this year, the senior squad had an impressive showing at the prestigious Loyola Math Teachers’ Association contest. The team is coached by long-time Marist math instructors Mr. Owen Glennon and Mr. Jeff Nicholson ’81.