Speech Team Ready for Nationals

Members of Marist High School’s speech and acting team will compete in the National Catholic Forensic League’s grand national tournament starting May 28, in Sacramento, Cali. The group had to qualify for the event through a series of tournaments.

Freshman Kristen Kolp will compete in declamation, while Ben Barry ’16, Jack Golden ’17, and Cate Hynes ’18 will participate in dramatic performance. In extemporaneous speaking, sophomores Morgan Johnson and Liam Kelly will represent Marist. In original oratory, Kelly Collins ’16 will present her work, while junior Alyssa Sorrentino ’17 will compete in prose/verse reading.

The students have been practicing and competing since August with other teammates, and feel ready for the finals. “Their work ethic and dedication is so impressive,” said English teacher and team coach Samantha Paoletti. “They put so much passion into their work. I am so proud of how much everyone on the team has grown this year.”

Academic forensics and debate teams take part in a variety of oral communication competitions. Students research, develop, practice, and deliver their performances which include speeches, interpretations or dramatizations of literature, and debates. Forensics competitors present a polished performance about 10 minutes in length, while debate students interact with students from other schools and respond orally to arguments presented from the opposing team.

The speech and acting team is one of 37 clubs and activities sponsored at Marist.