Spring Break Mission Trip 2017

Written by senior Kevin O'Finn

From March 13 to March 18, 14 seniors and I, along with three Marist teachers, stayed in Marion, South Carolina, for the senior mission trip. On the first day of work we moved a wheel chair ramp from one house to another. This ramp has been moved three times before and the house it was being moved to [was owned by a] lady who could not get up and down the stairs anymore. Half the group was split; the first half got the ramp ready for its final position for the house, while the other half worked on cleaning the back yard of large weeds and small trees. The second day of work and the remaining days the group broke up in to two teams. The first team took off an old roof and began placing new shingles on the roof which took place for the rest of trip for that team. While the other team painted a gymnasium and took down part of a roof. After work, the two teams came together as a group and we were always occupied from playing dodgeball against the local high school students to trying a local dish of food called chicken bog, to visiting Myrtle Beach.

SC_MissionFrom attending this mission trip I know that I must keep participating in mission trips to help others, and to never take anything for granted. I met two people on this trip who I will never forget: the lady who we were moving the ramp for and a man who helped us put a new roof on a house named Mr. Rodgers. The lady who we moved the ramp for came to the door and thanked us when we were finishing the ramp. She said that she appreciated all we had done for her and she wants us to keep doing mission trips to be there for others. Mr. Rodgers taught us how to take down a roof and put on a new one. Every day he invited us into his house to eat lunch. He did not know us before this trip but he allowed us to come in, showing great hospitality. On the last day Mr. Rogers got up and began crying, thanking us for what we had done for someone else. He said that we are such amazing people because others would give up their spring break for a vacation but we dedicated it to helping and serving others who are less fortunate.

At Marist we are taught to be brothers and sisters for life, not just as a school but as the world. The people we did this for are our brothers and sisters who got hurt during Hurricane Matthew and no one should never get left behind, so the Marist family in Chicago decided to help out South Carolina. Now as the school year finishes, we should all try to help others who are less fortunate. We must not take anything for granted because not everyone has that one thing that you have--a roof, a house, money. God says love your neighbor and we love and are thankful for being able to help Marion, South Carolina this spring break.