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Monday Minute 2/23/15

To Teach as Jesus and Marcellin

So much of the ministry of Jesus is centered around teaching. Jesus was a Rabbi, a master teacher. He taught by word and most of all Jesus taught by example. The Gospels tell us that Jesus taught in a revolutionary way. Jesus taught with authority. Authority is not power as power is usually the result of money or title. The authority of Jesus begins with the heart and empowers His disciples to do the same. The words and actions of Jesus transform lives because His words and actions are that of love, truth and compassion.

Let us as disciples of Jesus and Marcellin teach and act with authority, the authority of love, truth and compassion. May we always remember it is our faithful witness as Marist teachers, administrators and staff that influence the lives and hearts of our Marist students. Marist Teachers teach with authority because we are here for what we can give not for what we can get. Let us continue to make Jesus known and loved.

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Jim Renwick

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