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Monday Minute 9-18-17

It’s hard to believe that we’re beginning the fifth week of school.  Even the opening faculty meetings seem like they took place a long time ago.  The rhythm of life has an amazing way of pulling us forward whether we’re ready to go or not. 

For some reason I have been fixated in the past few weeks on the fact that I first began teaching here at Marist in 1973 – 44 years ago.  (Two of our current deans were freshmen at Marist at that time!)  I’m at an age now where I ask myself quite frequently, “What have I accomplished?”  “What have I done for Marist?”  “What haven’t I done that I could have done?”   

It’s in my nature to overload myself with questions like these, but I have come to see that the real question for me is, “How willing am I to surrender my fears and anxieties about the past, the present, and the future to God?”  I have been blessed to learn over and over that it is when I am willing to do this that I am more of the person I need to be and want to be.  I thank God that after 44 years I am still learning.

This Monday Minute is from Brother Hank Hammer

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