Marist introduces new logo

18851_Marist_logo_2017_FINALWith the 2017-2018 school year underway, Marist is officially introducing a new school logo. Many families are already familiar with it, as it’s been on new uniform items and other materials from the school.

The M represents the Marist name and nods to our affiliation with the Marist Brothers. The cross emerges directly from the center of the M signifying our Catholic faith is at the very  center of who we are as an institution. The cross also mimics the crosses that have hung on the exterior of the building since the school’s early days.

Marist will work over the course of the year to implement this look fully across all appropriate materials to ensure Marist is easily recognizable in the community. 

Additionally, Marist has adopted a new slogan of Faith + Family + Future. It is the school's hope that this simple phrase communicates the Marist experience of forming young Catholics, providing a family atmosphere, and preparing students for higher education and life.

Marist Crest School Logo Athletic Logo
crest 18851_Marist_logo_2017_FINAL redhawk_m                                   
Reserved for the Office of the President and Office of the Principal For use on general school and academic materials For use on athletic uniforms and materials


The school's longterm motto, what Marist has promised since 1963, is "Education for time and eternity." The new slogan Faith + Family + Future will be used for a shorter period of time to describe our identity.