Junior publishes app

IMG_9308When junior Kyle McNamara had some down time he wasn’t just playing on his computer. He was building an app that’s now available on the Apple App Store.

His game, Raging Tomato, is described online as this:

It's your job to get this sweet tomato through insane worlds of perilously stacked dominoes, flying fish, and trampolines. Dodge lasers, wrecking balls, and evil tomatoes, but watch out! With each successive failure, your tomato becomes more and more frustrated and you are left to navigate a RAGING TOMATO through increasingly ridiculous platform levels. Fun and addictive for everyone.

Kyle says he has been teaching himself to program and create games since he was ten, and wanted to learn to make a game that could be published. The summer going into sophomore year was spent learning to how to publish an app. Next up was creating a high quality game. It was time consuming though, as the responsibilities of school stalled the project at times. But Kyle stuck with it, and by the end of sophomore year he had completed his project. On July 1, 2016 Raging Tomato was published.

“My classes at Marist have given me the determination necessary to spend an entire year working on the app and not give up despite many obstacles and setbacks during the process,” Kyle explained. “Marist has also taught me to work hard to accomplish my goals and this has allowed me to accomplish my goal of publishing an app.” Kyle hopes the Marist community will check out Raging Tomato and have fun playing it.

This year Kyle is enrolled in Marist’s mobile apps programming courses and gets to continue working on new projects. He hopes to pursue a career in computer software engineering.