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We Remember the Life of Coach Jon Gordon



Dear Marist Community, 

It is with great sadness we inform you that Marist boys' cross country and track head coach, Jon Gordon, passed away this afternoon.  In his six years at Marist, Coach Gordon made an indelible impact on the lives of our student - athletes.  Jon's family wanted us to relay how important Marist's student - athletes, coaching colleagues, and staff were to him.  We will post information related to services on the Marist website, social media, and via 8 to 18. 
Thank you for keeping Jon and his family in your prayers.   


Funeral Service Details:

The Gordon's have invited the Marist community to attend services for Coach Gordon on Wednesday, December 14, 2022.  Details are provided here:

Student Support:

The Marist counseling department and our campus ministry team will be available each period of the day on Monday in order to provide support for any student in need.

Please feel free to contact your counselor directly if you have specific concerns regarding support for your son during this difficult time.

Funeral Transportation:

Marist will provide transportation to the funeral on Wednesday for those in need based on responses from the form below. Please register and provide your consent for transportation to the funeral on the form below.

If you plan on attending the funeral with your son, you only need to inform the attendance office, but we still ask you to fill out this form.

Fill Out The Form Here:


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