Dance Policies

Student Behavior

Marist students are expected to show Christian consideration and concern for all in the school community. The code of conduct is intended to provide the students, their parent/guardian, and the faculty with an understanding of the behavior patterns expected of students and the procedures used in maintaining that standard of conduct. In light of this, any misconduct on the part of the student or their guest, such as: disrespect or discourtesy toward school personnel, visitors, or other students; immature and inappropriate conduct: vulgarity; leaving the dance area; littering the school building and grounds; inappropriate behavior in corridors; and any other behavior warranting disciplinary action will not be tolerated.


Inappropriate dancing of a sexual nature, juking, bumping, or grinding is not allowed at any of the local Catholic high schools in agreement with the Council “C” High Schools.  Any person or persons dancing inappropriately will incur disciplinary measures ad may be removed from the dance. 


In the interest of fire prevention and maintaining the best health of the entire student body, smoking is prohibited by law on school grounds, on property adjacent to the school, and in the school buildings. The same applies to chewing and smokeless tobacco. No cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, lighters, or matches are to be brought into the school building or social functions.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy

The following action will be taken with students who consume, distribute or are under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or any controlled substance in school, prior to, or during any school function: the parents/guardians will be informed immediately by telephone and the student will be removed from the premises and suspended out of school until disciplinary consequences have been decided. As stated in the Marist High School student handbook: “Marist High School reserves the right to request a breathalyzer test of any student suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.”

Proper Attire

Ladies and gentlemen are to be in semi-formal attire that reflects the spirit of our parent/student handbook. Jackets and ties must be worn by the boys and appropriate dresses by the girls. Midriff dresses are not acceptable. Marist High School reserves the right to use discretion in determining the appropriateness of all dresses.

Date Policy

All couples attending Marist High School semi-formal dances must be boy/girl. Students attending without a date must be a current student of Marist High School. There will not be physical tickets handed out, registration will take place online. All students attending semi-formal dances at Marist High School must be of high school age. Any exceptions must be approved by the Dean of Students.  No one older than twenty years of age will be permitted to attend.


Limos or busses are not allowed for any Marist dance except senior prom.