Marist Stats

Here are just a few facts about the co-ed atmosphere at Marist High School.

  • Marist students attained the same average ACT score by gender for the Class of 2013.
  • Enrollment in Advanced Placement courses in math and science is 50/50.
  • Membership in the school’s math team, the highest ranking Catholic school team in the state, is 53% boys/ 47% girls.
  • Two boys and two girls achieved the honor of valedictorian in the last four graduating classes.
  • Marist offers 13 boys sports and 13 girls sports.
  • Marist’s faculty is made of 57 men and 54 women.
  • Marist’s famed marching band is 48% boys/52% girls and has performed in the Rose Bowl, countless parades, and college bowl games.
  • There are 35 co-ed clubs available to Marist students.