Testing Center

Testing Center Hours: End of the School Year - 2023

Wednesday, May 17 - regular schedule - open before, during and after school
Thursday, May 18 - regular hours, we are open AFTER 12:30 dismissal.
Friday, May 19- No school
Monday, May 22 - Open before exams, CLOSED during and after exams 
Tuesday, May 23 - Open before and after exams, closed during exams
Wednesday, May 24 - Open before and after exams, closed during exams
Thursday, May 25 - Open before and after exams, closed during exams
Friday, May 26 - CLOSED 

What is the Testing Center?

The Testing Center (TC) is available to all students who need to make up a test due to an absence or take a retake AND for students with an Accommodation to take some or all of their tests to ensure a quiet and distraction free environment.
The TC is located behind the Main Office, across from the Chapel. The hours are Monday- Friday before school at 7:00 am, during lunches and studies and after school.  
How do I make an appointment for the Testing Center?
All freshman must create a NEW Pick a Time Account.
o Google Marist Pick A Time 
o Click Login/Create an account - answer questions on the next page. 
o Choose date/time slot, then type your name, class name and teacher.
o Click Create appointment
Sophomore, Junior and Senior students already have an account. 
o Access via Skyward is no longer available. Instead, Google Marist Pick A Time. 
o Proceed with login using your new email address: last name.first name@marist.net
Tips and Reminders
ALWAYS make an appointment to ensure your test is here when you come to test! 
You can make an appointment until 6:00 am to test the same day. After 6:00 am, the appointment will be for the next school day. 
Double check your schedule to make sure you are available for your registered date/time. We discourage “No Show” appointments.  
Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself of your appointment.
Students need to take their test in one sitting so make sure you have allotted enough time to complete the entire test when making an appointment.
Students with an Accommodation who would like to test in the TC instead of the classroom should notify their teacher who will bring the test to the TC.  No appointment in Pick a Time is necessary.
Contact Mr. Ryan with Pick a Time issues or see him in his office next to the Business Office.