Testing Center

The Testing Center at Marist is available for all students, including those who have testing accommodations and those who need to take a test they missed due to an absence. 

This year, due to COVID protocols, the Testing Center has moved to the ceramics room in the art wing (except for Period 4 when it is in room 107). 

For students without accommodations who need need to make-up a test or quiz in the Testing Center, schedule a time on the Pick-A-Time website

For students with testing accommodations, please follow these steps.

  • Each Monday before class, review ALL of your class agendas to see if you have any upcoming tests for that week.  If you do and you choose to take these tests in the Testing Center, you MUST email your teacher by 3 p.m. on Monday requesting to take the test in the Testing Center. 
    • Your teachers will then reserve your spot with Ms. Gainer in the Testing Center.  You DO NOT have to reserve a spot on Pick-A-Time; your teachers will reserve your spot.  This way, you will be guaranteed a spot in the room (there are only 16 seats this year).  During your class period, proceed as usual to the Testing Center to take your test.  If you need extra time, Ms. Gainer will schedule you to finish the test during a study or after school.
  • Please note, if you know you want to take ALL of your tests in the Testing Center, simply email your teacher once and let him or her know.  He/she will then ALWAYS send your tests to the Testing Center.
  • If you wish to take your test in the classroom, simply show up to class and if you need extra time, let your teacher know when you hand in the test.  He/she will send it to the Testing Center for you to finish after school the same day. This is the same procedure as last year.
  • Regardless of whether you take the test in the testing center or in the classroom, you are allotted 50% more time if you need it.  This holds true for tests taken on Canvas in the lockdown browser.  If you ever take a digital test, your teacher will adjust the settings to add extra time for you individually.