Math teacher helps write textbook

ST039Marist High School math teacher Owen Glennon was a member of the content advisory board and resources team for the textbook Calculus for the AP Course published by Bedford, Freeman & Worth.

At the request of one of the authors, Glennon initially joined the team as a consultant, but his role quickly became much broader and bigger. The majority of his work was with the Teacher’s Solutions Manual which offers solutions and advice on some approaches to problems and addressing issues that Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus teachers face. “I believe that I have over 500 pages of submitted solutions,” Glennon explained. “At this time I’m working up sixty-five videos of AP Calculus problems on the iPad using Explain Everything software. The videos are currently being reviewed by math professors and AP Calculus graders. Once done they will be available to AP Calculus students and teachers.”

Glennon said he found the process a bit intimidating and humbling because of the magnitude of the project but learned a lot about publishing textbooks and worked with many great people from across the country. The textbook is available for the 2017-2018 school year.

“The successes, insights, challenges and mistakes that I’ve seen from Marist calculus students all helped me to prepare my solutions, explanations and videos,” Glennon said. “I did specifically seek the input of my current calculus students, specifically the math team seniors. It was a marketing note that the publisher felt valuable to be able to say that the Marist students had input on the text. It has been interesting to hear from math professors, publisher representatives, and Dr. Sullivan (one of the authors) of the outstanding reputation that our Marist AP students have outside of Marist.”

Glennon has taught at Marist for more than 40 years. In 2015, he rode his bike 1,000 miles from New York to Chicago, raising more than $75,000 in scholarship money for deserving Marist students. He also coaches the school’s math team which is the number one Catholic school team in the state.