Summer Academic Programs


Marist High School offers a variety of summer academic programs to meet the varying needs of students.

Marist will offer four types of courses during summer school:

Initial credit courses are for students who want to advance their course progression in order to take additional classes during the school year or for students who are unable to schedule certain courses during the regular school year. In addition to these credit courses, there are also bridge courses that allow students to focus and build on certain skills that are necessary for them to be successful in the next level of a class and enrichment courses provide opportunities for students to learn new skills. Bridge and enrichment courses are non-credit classes. 

Credit recovery courses allow students to retake a class that they have failed during the school year and earn the required credit needed for graduation.

Incoming freshmen also have academic options this summer. Some students have required summer coursework, while others are invited to enroll in some of the offerings. 

Registration closes on April 30, 2021. Click on the buttons below to learn about the different programs offered. 

CREDIT RECOVERY    initial credit   incoming freshmen   freshman marcellin program

For more information about this program, contact the School Counseling Department at 773-881-5309 or via email.