First Year Experience


Freshman students participated in “First Year Experience” on Wednesday, October 10. It was designed specifically for them to grow as an inclusive community. The 421 members of the class were divided into four groups and rotated through activities around campus. One session focused on goal setting, while another concentrated on building empathy for the experiences of others and connecting based on like experiences and values. A third session focused on mentorship and allowed freshmen the chance to ask senior students questions about high school life, including academics, relationships, social pressures, and more. The students also had time for fun by participating in games such as musical chairs and relay races.

This was the first time Marist has held this event for freshmen. “Our students come from all over the city and suburbs,” said Erik Christensen, the freshmen guidance counselor who led the day with help from a wonderful committee of faculty members. “It’s important to take the time to help students come together, get to know each other, and build social and emotional skills that that can build a stronger, more connected community.”

Marist is committed to providing retreats, service opportunities, activities, and programming that help students grow spiritually, academically, and personally.