Illinois Tax Credit Scholarships


The Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship applications are opening in January. These scholarship applications are income and time stamped based. Dates and time:

Big Shoulders Fund SGO/TCS- January 12, 2023 @8:00am

Empower Illinois- January 18, 2023 @6:30pm


Empower Illinois

Empower Illinois' tax credit scholarship application will be a two part process. Part one of the application is the reservation, which reserves a family's place in line for a scholarship and scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The reservation form will be available at 6:30PM and will have two pages to be completed. Once part one is completed, you will be notified by email when part two of the application opens. You should submit your application as soon as possible for the best chance at receiving a scholarship.

Please use the following link:

Big Shoulders Fund 

Big Shoulders Fund Tax Credit Scholarship application is also a two-step process. Submit your online application as soon as the application opens at 8:00AM as scholarships are awarded in the order they are received. Once part one is completed, Big Shoulders Fund will reach out via email requesting a limited number of applicants to complete step two of the process by submitting and uploading verification documentation.

Please use the following link :



In August 2017, with bipartisan support, the State House and Senate passed a comprehensive education funding bill that was signed into law by the governor. The law includes a provision for tax credit scholarships, which provide strong incentives for donors to support non-public school scholarships for low-income students in the state. Illinois students from low-income families may use these new scholarships to attend a non-public school of their choice.

This legislation represents a major step forward that will help create more equity in school funding throughout Illinois, and for the first time provide real school choice for students and their families.

The Archdiocese of Chicago has also provided more information here.

Please note: The Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship process and Marist’s Financial Assistance process are separate, so please follow the Financial Assistance process in addition to applying for the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship.‚Äč

Tax Credit Scholarship Power Point



Families are invited to join one of Big Shoulders Fund’s Tax Credit Scholarship Information Zoom Sessions. These sessions will outline the application process, show a sample application, and help families prepare for steps one and two of the Big Shoulders Fund application. There will be separate Zoom links for English and Spanish.

Tax Credit Scholarship Information Zoom Session date/times are TBD.



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