Retreats are an important element of Marist’s spirituality. They offer students time for prayer, reflection, & community. The following are brief descriptions of those offered at Marist.


Freshman Retreat: All freshmen participate in a day-long retreat with their religion class at Camp Manitoqua in Frankfort, IL. This retreat serves as an introduction to our retreat program and offers the students a chance to enjoy each other’s company, to explore elements of trust, confidence, and cooperation, while playing and praying together. 

Sophomore Retreat: Sophomores participate in a day-long service retreat off-campus with their home rooms a Catholic Charities facility.  The students act as apostles to bring the Good News of Christ's love and compassion to elderly people in need of food.  Students begin the day at Marist with prayer, team bonding exercises, and education on food deserts, hunger, and what we can do to help.  Once at Catholic Charities, the students help sort, organize and package different food products together to be brought to food pantries for elderly families.  The students then share a meal together and bless all the food they packaged.  This retreat helps our students understand the breadth and depth of the Catholic Church and Marist's place in the larger community. 

Junior Retreat: The junior retreat program offers two days away from school for reflection, prayer, and companionship during a very busy year for high school students. Students and their leaders share their experiences with decision-making, overcoming workload-induced stress, as well as finding support from family, friends, and God, and being supportive to others.                 

Kairos Retreat: The Kairos retreat program, a very popular program in so many Catholic high schools throughout the country, is offered to seniors and gives students three-and-a-half days of talks, discussion, prayer and reflection. Students develop greater trust in themselves and others and build a stronger relationship with God. 

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