Retreats are an important element of Marist’s spirituality. They offer students time for prayer, reflection, & community. The following are brief descriptions of those offered at Marist.


Freshman Retreat: All freshmen participate in a day-long retreat with their religion class at Camp Manitoqua in Frankfort, Ill. This retreat serves as an introduction to our retreat program and offers the students a chance to enjoy each other’s company, to explore elements of trust, confidence, and cooperation, while playing and praying together. 

Sophomore Retreat: For several years, Marist partnered with Cathlolic Charities, packing meals for women, children, and the elderly. In the 2019-2020 school year, the program was revamped into a sophomore retreat week with all members of the class participating in the same week. They will work as stewards of the earth, helping clean up local parks. 

Junior Retreat: The junior retreat program offers two days away from school for reflection, prayer, and companionship during a very busy year for high school students. Students and their leaders share their experiences with decision-making, overcoming workload-induced stress, as well as finding support from family, friends, and God, and being supportive to others.                 

Kairos Retreat: The Kairos retreat program, a very popular program in so many Catholic high schools throughout the country, is offered to seniors and gives students three-and-a-half days of talks, discussion, prayer and reflection. Students develop greater trust in themselves and others and build a stronger relationship with God.