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About the Parents Club – We are FUN-Raisers!

Parent involvement at Marist is a rich tradition that has transformed over the years to serve our community. Today, the Marist Parents Club offers parents an opportunity to connect with fellow parents, spend time with their children at events, and help build the Marist community through planning special events in conjunction with the school.  The Parents Club does not fundraise, but it does FUN-Raise!

How Can I Join? 

As a Marist parent, you are already a member of the Parents Club.  So, join us for the monthly Parent Club meetings, which take place at 6:30 pm on the first Tuesday of every month in the Marist Cafeteria.  While part of the meeting is for planning upcoming events, we also take time for fellowship (and snacks).  Our meetings often have a celebratory theme.  For example, in October we celebrate Octoberfest and in February, Valentine’s Day. 

We know everyone has busy lives.  The Parents Club is happy to have whatever time and talent you can spare.  You can help run our numerous events, help with mailings, provide items for events, or just come to the meetings and share your ideas.  Any time and talent you can share is more than welcome.

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Event Photos

To view and purchase photos from Parents Club events, visit HR Imaging and click the orange circle that says “Order prints from special events.” Enter "Marist High School" in the search, click "submit" and choose your event from the list. 

2019-2020 Executive Committee

President: Heidi Blanchard, Class of 2020 student
Vice President: Jen Portincaso, Class of 2021 and 2023 students
Secretary: Lupe Ruiz, Class of 2020 student
Media Chairs: Janie Vulich, Ann O’Brien


Thank you for your service and dedication to Marist!