Deceased Alumni Mass

Alumni and friends of Marist are invited to the Deceased Alumni Mass on Saturday, November 6 at 10 am at St. Terrence Church (4300 W. 119th Place) to remember the members of the Marist family we have loved and lost throughout the year. The celebrant will be Father Ed Barrett. 
Registration is not necessary.  Please bring a mask to wear inside the church. 
For more information, please call 773.881.5374 or send an email.

Let us especially remember those we lost this past year...

James Hudon '67 Lawrence Carta '76 Daniel Kirkpatrick '01
Michael O'Malley '67 Kevin Murphy '76 James DeBiasio '03
John Kemper '68 Joseph Slovinec '76 Steven Dion '03
Thomas Sokolowski '68 John McGuire '78 Barrett Callaghan '14
Gregory Sinise '69 Michael McGrath '81 Marco Weidman '14
Fr. Mark Andrews '70 Charles Kalousek '84 Br. Brendan Brennan, FMS
David Okoniewski '70 Jeffrey Urban '84 Br. Donald Nugent, FMS
Jack Beckstrom '71 Michael Massat '86 Br. Eugene Trzecieski, FMS
John Ryan '71 Jerrold Musso '86 Br. Hugh Turley, FMS
Steven Wroblewski '71 Sean Kurzweil '91 Cathy Chambers, FF
John Carney '72 David Cabrera '94 Anthony T. Frigo, FF
Raymond Lulewicz '72 Brian Tranowski '95 Jessie Hall, FF
Kevin Bourke '73 Jay Panaligan '97 Charlot Richards, FF
Michael Drew '73 John Carroll '99 Chuck Schwartz, FF
Thomas Evans '75 Michael Holubiak '10