Covid Positive Contact Form

In an effort to best protect the Marist community and to report our positive COVID cases to the Chicago Department of Public Health, the following information is needed. After submission, you will receive a response within 24-48 hours regarding the protocol for your son/daughter as it relates to the period of isolation, and return date to school. Thank you.

Mother, Father, Guardian, etc.

Include date and time.

This applies to contact in the 48 hours prior to him/her developing symptoms (if symptomatic), OR 48 hours prior to their positive test (if asymptomatic).

You do NOT need to include names of students from your son/daughter’s classes.

For example, did they give a tour at a Meet Marist? Did they participate in an after school activity? Did they sit for the ACT or PSAT test?”

This includes a counselor, teacher or an administrator.