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Country House Restaurant provides food service for Marist High School. 

The 2021-22 academic schedule includes two lunch periods.

  • The freshmen and sophomores will eat lunch between 11:06 and 11:59 am. Country_House
  • The juniors and seniors will eat lunch between 12:04 and 12:57 pm. 
  • Several spaces throughout the campus will be used for eating lunch: the Cafeteria, the patio outside the Cafeteria, the Main Gym lobby, the tent outside behind the Fitness Center, the Tribute Room, the Science Wing lobby, Champagnat Square and the ARC.
  • There will be tables and chairs available in all of these spaces for students to eat.
  • The Country House (Marist’s food service company) will provide eight cafeteria lines inside the cafeteria for prompt service and two lines outside stationed in the visitor concession stand.
  • A reminder that Marist High School is a CLOSED campus; students are NOT allowed to leave campus during the lunch periods.
  • Our contact at The Country House (food provider) is
  • My MealTime is the online account system used for adding money to a student ID in order to purchase food in the cafeteria. Students can also add value to their cards in-person at the pub. MealTime account balances can be viewed in Skyward. We strongly encourage the use of ID purchases.