Faith in the Future Campaign

Marist_v6_11x17_REVMarist High School stands at the precipice of a transformative project that has the power to catapult the school into a new echelon. The school will embark on a multifaceted $15 million capital campaign in order to fully bring to fruition its 21st century Catholic education philosophy that brings real world learning, meaningful technology, and challenging curriculum to the hands, minds, and hearts of the young men and women of the South Side of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

The school will add an astounding 20% additional learning space to the campus by transforming the monastery, the former home of the Marist Brothers, into a forward-thinking science wing that will help students prepare for college and careers-some of which do not even exist today. Based on meeting all fundraising goals, the facility will open for the 2019-2020 school year.


  • Ten new labs dedicated to the branches of science including two biology labs, two chemistry labs, and one Advanced Placement laboratory
  • An anatomy and physiology lab with a patient diagnosis area
  • Access to outdoor space from the two physics labs for experiments
  • Observatory dome for the expansion of astronomy studies
  • A dedicated forensics crime lab
  • An environmental science lab and green roof
  • A collaboration center for teachers to meet and plan cross-curricular lessons reflecting an integrated STEM approach to learning
  • Mobile furniture that allows classes to change quickly from lecture to group work to lab experiments
  • Student and teacher access to labs for independent research and experiments
  • Walkover path from existing school hallway 

This new space will provide hands-on, authentic learning experiences that inspire collaboration,
curiosity, and leadership guided by Catholic values.



Br. Hank Hammer, FMS Tom Inzinga '84 Marty Wirtz '72
President Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving Major Gift Officer
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