3 Marist Students and Chess Club Members Featured in McDonald's Commercial - Bishop Takes Fries

We're excited to share some extra good news about 3 Marist sophomore students – Shakira Luster, Trechelle Williams, and Imani Hill – all three are ranked chess players who have been featured in a documentary-style commercial for McDonald’s.



All three Marist students are alumnae of St. Ethelreda Catholic School, where Eric Luster (Shakira’s Dad) was their coach. In 2019, the Chicago Tribune ran a story covering St. Ethelreda's chess team playing at a local McDonald's restaurant. In 2020, the St. Ethelreda chess team went on to win the state title. McDonald’s learned of the story and wanted to feature Shakira, Trechelle, and Imani in a commercial.

Marist is incredibly proud of these young woman and their accomplishments. We are glad we were able to support this project, and as you will see, some of the filming took place at our campus (you may recognize our ARC in the video).

Help me in congratulating Shakira, Trechelle, and Imani, on the fantastic commercial. All of the long days and nights the girls and their families put into filming paid off.

In the chess world, normally bishop takes knight, but watch here how bishop takes fries. 

Enjoy the commercial and click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rERiT0fprOQ


Fun Fact: Last year, Shakira took first place in the Catholic School League as a freshman and is ranked 20th in the nation for Girls age 15. Additionally, this past summer, all three students were ranked in the top 100 in Illinois.

We look forward to a great season from Shakira, Trechelle, Imani and all our chess club members.